Protecting economic rights

Blockchain technology will enable the protection and transmission of ownership rights through 3 key technologic features. Original documents are not stored on the blockchain, only a cryptographic digest, assuring full confidentiality.

Document integrity

If someone stores a document (its cryptographic digest) on the blockchain, and later re-uploads it, the system can verify if it is completely and fully the same document. Parties can verify the entire transaction history of an asset.


Virtual Notary

Provide proof that certain data exists at a certain point of time, i.e. a time-stamped proof of existence of documents. Additionally provide proof of ownership of data or documents such as land titles.

Proof of identity

Blockchain technology will provide a reliable economic identity for millions of people, which in is a condition for holding to property rights and participating in the global economy.

declaration of human rights art.17

(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.


In many parts of the developing world, property owners have a tenuous right to their land. Land registers are incomplete, titles are stored in paper and get lost or manipulated.


We believe that blockchain technology will provide the ultimate proof of property ownership. Our mission is to place property records and enable transaction of property rights in the Blockchain.

Use Case Colombia

Blockchain can contribute consolidating peace in Colombia.÷

The recent peace agreement between the government and the guerrilla FARC is a historical moment for Colombia. The implementation of the agreement raises huge challenges, in particular regarding rural ownership rights, one of the historical unsolved issues in Colombia. Tenuous rights and inequality in land property are among the causes of the armed conflict in Colombia. Blockchain technology can help build up a reliable land register system and play a crucial role in preserving the peace in Colombia.

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